Energy Saving Management System

Many inverters – most these days – include monitoring to some degree. Most grid connect or grid tied inverters will show you your solar production, but not your demand or usage. Hybrid inverters are a bit better in this regard.

System monitoring also allows you to know if your system develops a problem. Many people only find out their system has developed a fault when they get their next power bill, costing them a lot of money.

There are three levels of system monitoring we can provide.

Level 1 is your standard inverter based monitoring. That means that you have access to the data produced by your solar inverter through a web portal. For Grid Tied inverters, that information is usually limited to your solar production. Hybrid inverters provide a lot more information for you.

Level 2 is paid monitoring. For a small annual cost, we will monitor your system for you remotely and if your system goes down, develops a fault, or stops producing, we can advise you and recommend appropriate action.

Level 3 involves the installation of a product called an EmberPulse. This gives you the ability to see when to use power, when you should be conserving power, will generate reports and alerts for you and allow you to take control of your power usage. This can be combined with our paid monitoring, or you can do it yourself.

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