Non Linear

Non Linear Solar Solution

This is something we are excited about.  There are dozens of solar companies and hundreds of solar installers, but no one does Solar Solutions like Ekonomix.

Non Linear Solar Solutions refers to some of the more ‘out of the box’ kind of solutions.  The kind of things that the average solar company either wouldn’t think of, or wouldn’t be able to work out.

Every great innovation begins with an outside the box thought.  Powered flight, horseless carriages, computers and mobile phones.

Much of our non-linear solutions end up being bound by confidentiality agreements, while others start as a dream and end up a reality.  Not every one of them ends up making it, but that is the nature or innovation.

If you have a problem you need a solution to, and it involves a solar solution, talk to us.  We are always looking for opportunities to think outside the square and partner with others who are like minded.