Other Solar Stuff

Stand Alone Solar Solutions

When we think of Solar, we think usually of Solar Panels on the roof supplying Solar energy to the house.

And when we think of anything that is a solar gadget, we think of cheap plastic solar stuff.

Ekonomix thinks differently about non-rooftop solar.  We have partnered with manufacturers who supply high quality solar products for numerous applications.


Solar Air-Conditioning

Air-Conditioning that runs directly from dedicated solar panels, saving up to 98% of cooling and heating costs.

When there is no sunshine, these smart AC units can run from your grid power.



Solar Street Lighting and Solar Space Lighting

All-in-one street or space lighting that charges throughout the day, and lights up at night.  No wiring involved so you can install them yourself, or we can have an installer do it for you.

Please Note:  Working at heights is dangerous, so if you choose to install them yourself, please use safety equipment.


Solar Road Markers, Solar Cat’s Eyes, Solar Driveway Markers, Solar Deck Markers

Road studs, path edges, balcony and deck edging.  Added safety that can take up to 20 tons of load.  No wiring required.  You can install them yourself or we can organise installation for you.

High Resolution Daytime

Night Vision at Night

Security cameras that charge by day and run all day long.  Wifi connection means no wiring.

Wifi connection means no wiring and easy installation.

Notice the time stamp on the night time image above – 6:24 am, and the battery is still at 100% charge!

And more…

The range is ever growing so if you cannot find what you are looking for here, let us know and we will see if it is something we can organize for you.